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A division of NEUROLOGY & SLEEP CENTRE (NSC) ,  which is a one stop solution for treatment, training , teaching & building community awareness for sleep related issues and neurological disorders.

About Course

The field of sleep medicine has developed significantly due to expanded public awareness of sleep disorders. With this growth has come the need for accessible educational opportunities for Technicians/Technologists who perform a crucial role in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Sleep medicine is a progressing field and continues to grow rapidly. Because there’s a greater awareness of sleep disorders these days and a huge demand for Sleep technicians. Dr. Manvir Bhatia has launched INDIA FIRST ONLINE Course of Technicians.

The courses are designed to provide participants with a practical comprehensive overview and understanding of the pathophysiology, clinical symptomatology and management of Sleep Disorders.

Download our free course syllabus to learn how to successfully navigate your Sleep Technologist career.

Why Choose Us ?

Dr.Manvir Bhatia has been a pioneer with more than 30 years of experience.

She has treated more than 5000 patients with sleep related issues and neurological disorders. 

NEUROLOGY SLEEP CENTRE (NSC) started in 2008 as one of its kind in providing  a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of sleep related issues and neurological disorders.

Dr Manvir Bhatia initiated the Ace School of Sleep Medicine in 2011 in partnership with Preeti Devnani  to provide training to Students interested in Sleep Medicine.

Ace school of sleep medicine is a premium training facility for physicians and other health care professionals in the field of Sleep Medicine. They have successfully conducted 22 courses which include National and International Workshops  and Conferences.

Our team consists of Managers, Senior Technologists and Technicians for whom regular training is provided to enhance their knowledge in sleep and keep them UpToDate.

The courses are designed to provide participants with a practical comprehensive overview and understanding of the pathophysiology, clinical symptomatology and management of Sleep Disorders.

Enhance your career in Sleep Medicine

– Doctors and Technicians

Basic course in Sleep Medicine

Technicians (Basic Course)

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NEUROLOGY & SLEEP CENTRE (NSC) is a one stop solution for treatment, training , teaching & building community awareness for sleep related issues and neurological disorders.

Highlights of Sleep Centre


Neurology sleep centre is the first centre to be accredited by Indian Society of Sleep Research.


We have regular services awareness programs for the public to educate about sleep related issues and neurlogical disorders


We regularly organise events for our existing patients .


We provide services related to Neurology & Sleep which include: Consultation for Neurology Patients & Sleep related Disorders, Nerve Conduction Studies and many more

Benefits of Joining this Course

The Course is designed under the guidance of Dr. Manvir Bhatia.

Learn from the experts of the industry. Course imparted and backed by a team of Senior Specialist team with 20 years of experience

Access to CASE STUDIES for better understanding of complex concepts

Technicians can customise learning as the online course provides the flexibility and learning environment .

Join the community of EXPERTS for FREE , get 6 months access and online support for doubt clearing


Under the Guidance of Dr.Manvir Bhatia

Dr. Manvir Bhatia  is a Senior Neurologist and Sleep Specialist with 20 years of experience. Dr.Manvir is Director of Neurology Sleep Centre, New Delhi.  She is currently the Vice President of Indian society of Sleep research. She is the author of the book-“The Sleep Solution” first non-fiction book on sleep, in India.

The journey of Neurology & Sleep Centre started in 2008. From 2009, home sleep testing (Level-3) was implemented and from 2010 onwards we started with a level-1 study in the centre. Dr. Manvir Bhatia was trained at All India Institute of Medical Science in Delhi for neurology and sleep and continued as faculty for 10 years as a sleep & neurophysiology department. In the year 2011, we started with MB Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd as a supported company for selling PAP Devices. Also in the same year, NSC started its partnership with Ace School of Sleep Medicine by Dr.Manvir Bhatia and Dr.Preeti Devnani to conduct national and international level courses.

  • She was invited by the WHO to participate in developing guidelines for health issues related to ‘Sleep’. 
  • She has been awarded the Indira Gandhi Mahila Ratan Award
  • Awarded the “10,000 women Entrepreneur Certificate Programmed at ISB”, Hyderabad. 
  • awarded by AAPIOS (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Boston, for “Extraordinary Contribution in Sleep Medicine” 

Our Expert Family

Dr.Deepak Srivastava

Dr. Deepak Srivastava MD, FAASM, FACP, FCCP, RPSGT is a Sleep Physician in California. He is board-certified in different medicines. A Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care at UC Davis and a teaching faculty at San Joaquin General Hospital. He is a senior faculty at the UC Davis Sleep Medicine fellowship program, and the chairperson for the integrated quality council. Dr. Deepak is also a published researcher and author of multiple books.

Dr.Preeti Devnani

Dr. Preeti is a Co-founder of the Ace School of Sleep Medicine. She is a Consultant Neurologist, Sleep Disorders Centre, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and Clinical Director of the comprehensive Sleep Disorder Clinic, Mumbai, India Ex-consultant, Sleep Disorders Clinic Jaslok Hospital, and Research Centre, Mumbai, India. Also honored with the Young Investigator Research Award, World Association of Sleep Medicine 2013.

Dr. Tripat Deep Singh

Dr. Tripat Deep Singh is currently Clinical Manager Sleep Healthcare ASEAN Philips Electronics Singapore. He is an MBBS graduate and post-graduate in Physiology. He is a specialist in Sleep Medicine as International Sleep Specialist and Sleep Technology as Registered Polysomnography Technologist and Registered Sleep Technologies.  He is awarded for developing Sleep Medicine and Sleep Technology in Vietnam. 


Dr. Sushant MBBS & MD is currently working as a Clinical Head, S & RC, Indian Subcontinent at Philips India Ltd. Previously he was working as a Regional Clinical Head at Resmed India Ltd. Also, he was 5 years of experience as Clinical Associate- Medicine at Max Hospital and 2 years of experience as Senior House Officer- Medicine at NHS UK. 

Feedback from our Doctor's about the Sleep training

An interesting journey into sleep science with current update and relevant
clinical material.

Dr. Amrita

Amazing informative and interactive session at the sleep update with Dr.Bhatia.


After getting interested in Sleep Medicine long time back, this is the first
of the kind of training programme, where I really have got the understanding of the basics of
sleep. Thanks to both of you Madam for putting so much effort and sparing your valuable
time for this well designed training programme.

Dr. Joydeep

Extremely dedicated and well-versed in their field of Sleep medicine. They
are putting in an excellent exemplary effort in training and acquainting people into this field.
Maybe we should have more sessions yearly.

Dr.Archita Joshi

What our Patient's Say

I have been getting treatment since from 2004 and till having treatment under Dr. Manvir. And am very satisfied with the treatment and I have been well cared in regards to my illness.

Badang Tayang


We are very thankful to Dr Manvir Bhatia for such an informative seminar on sleep. God may bless her for such a nice work she is doing for the society . We also thanks to whole of the team for taking such hard work to organise the event.

Ashok & Mani Grover


Excellent process, supported by an intelligent technician, to take through the test, in a seamless fashion. This test would yield, positive results in my life.

Diwaker Bapuli



Most frequent questions and answers
Eligibility of the Course?

Students who have passed 10+2 examination are eligible to join the course.

What is the Registration Process ?

Flowing is the Registration Process:
Step1: On the website click on the “Apply Now” button.
Step 2: Select “Online Courses” & Choose your Course.
Step 3: Fill the basic contact information and your payment details.
Step 4: once the payment is successfully done you would receive an Email confirmation on accessing the course along with user name and password .
Step 5: kinfly confirm your the email Verification and enjoy access the course .

What technical skills do online students need?

There is no specific technical skill needed to join the course. Students just need to know English knowledge to learn this course.

How do I access after Payment?

Upon Successful payment, your userID and password would be mailed within 24hours of purchase along with the link to redirect to course content. The User ID and password will be unique for each user.

For Further Doubts ?

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    Sleep medicine institute, a division of Neurology & sleep centre  (NSC)  is a one stop solution for treatment, training ,teaching , & community awareness for sleep related issues and neurological disorders.


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